Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Super Slacker

I might be a day late, but I do have a menu plan. Instead of Menu Plan Monday, I'll call it Tardy Tasty Tuesday.

Monday (yesterday)~ Well, all of us were a little under the weather, so it was soup and sandwiches. Good comfort food.

Tuesday (today)~ I made cheese quesadillas with brown rice, and my daughter and I split a big bowl of raw sugar snap peas. Yum.

Wednesday~ Oven fried chicken with leftover brown rice and whatever vegetables I pluck from the garden.

Thursday~ Italian marinated steak with vegetable radiatore and zucchini.

Friday~ Not sure yet. The hubby and I both took a vacation day (no work, woo-hoo!), and if we spend the day at the zoo or the museum, we'll probably splurge and eat out. Otherwise, I might make egg salad and dice up some bell peppers--we'll have a picnic on the deck!

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