Saturday, August 16, 2008

Busy Weekend

We're having a garage sale today and it's absolutely crazy! There are either 18 people crammed into the garage and driveway or nobody for an hour at a time. All I know for sure is that putting this sale together was A LOT of hard work. I'll be glad when tomorrow at 2pm hits, because it'll be done. Whew!

On an unrelated subject, I've been looking over my Five Things in Five Days list. I haven't done too bad...I did start going to bed an hour earlier and it's made a huge difference. The only problem is that I was up really late last night (into the wee hours of this morning) putting price tags on items for the sale, and that really messed me up. I've been getting that extra 30 minutes of physical activity. Yesterday was actually over an hour while my daughter and I kicked around a soccer ball in the front yard. I've been doing really well with cutting back on my computer time--I think I only had one slip-up where I turned it on before my little one was in bed. As for the books, they're not all at bedtime, but that's okay. The munchkin gets a minimum of 45 minutes of reading time everyday. Some people have told me that's too much, but she really enjoys it and is gradually getting the hang of sounding out words and reaching the earliest stages of reading. That is really exciting!

I've got to turn to sit in the garage for a while to give my hubby a break...

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