Monday, July 07, 2008

Two More Things

I almost forgot two of the greatest things I did on my vacation. In addition to the things I listed earlier, I also hung some pretty, farm-themed border in my kitchen (actually, it's only halfway done, but I'll be finished hopefully by Wednesday):

Sorry about the bad glare coming in through the back door. But aren't the cows adorable? I'm crazy about cows, so the border totally goes with the rest of my kitchen.

I also made this blanket for one of my friends who is expecting her first baby in September (just ignore the toys on the floor and the wacky green couch):

I have some fabric left over (even with the wild fringe on all four sides), so I'm going to wrap it up in pink fabric instead of wrapping paper. Oh, I love being so domestic!


Jim Latchford said...

Cows! You know what I like best about cows? That they live on a farm and I don't any more. I grew up on a farm and we had a few head of milk cows. My dad, previously a city-slicker, thought it would be cool to have cows. He liked them as long as they gave milk and stayed in the pasture, which they never did as soon as the weather turned bad...and out they'd come from behind the electric fence to wander the neighborhood. Dad would say, "The cows are out," which was a signal to my brother and me to go round them up regardless of the weather...snow, sleet,thunderstorms...tornadoes on the horizon. Cows...God Bless 'em, but let some other idealistic soul take care of them.

Anonymous said...

You made that blankey? It's so pretty.
And I'm with you about the cows. I love them too. My James thinks it's so strange that I can't help but laugh whenever I see one. :)