Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Scent of a Woman

No, not the movie...which, by the way, I've never even seen. It was a brief interaction today that went something like this:

Co-Worker: What's that smell?

Me: What smell?

CW: I'm not sure. It's not bad. It's different, though.

Me: I don't smell anything.

CW: Really? Because it's totally coming from your office. I smell it every time I walk by.

Me (getting worried): What does it smell like?

CW: It's sort of a cool, citrus smell, but with a little bit of a sweet, musky fragrance. (Pause.) You're not wearing perfume?

Me: Nope.

We parted ways and I thought:

The "cool" scent is the eucalyptus-mint cleaner I used to sanitize my phone and keyboard. The citrus smell is the Meyer Lemon Air Freshener I spritzed to get rid of the smell of the chicken enchilada I ate for lunch. The sweet smell is the hint of Johnson & Johnson pink baby lotion on my arms. And the musky frangrance? Oh yeah, that's me--from working in an un-air conditioned office all day!

When I get home tonight, I'll be able to add a hint of pasta and a waft of toilet bowl cleaner, counter-balanced by the delicate scent of Cheer detergent and Snuggle dryer sheets.

Now THAT is the scent of a woman. What's your fragrance?


Anonymous said...

Yours is much better than mine. I have an l'eau-de-baby-barf. But my perfume is VEEEERY expensive ... :)

Charlene said...

very funny...right now I would say my scent is citrus...since I am eating ton's fighting a cold..

Jim Latchford said...

Have you forgotten..according to my ear wife I have no sense of smell at all! Let me check with her and get back to you...

Cheryl said...

I loved this! I have no clue what my scent is. I use expensive perfume, but never ever smell it on me. I'll have to ask around.