Friday, July 18, 2008

Pity Party

I am a big mope tonight.

I made a chocolate-chip pound cake this morning before I started work. Why? Because my husband was going to a company party and promised he'd bring a cake. So, I got my behind in gear before my workday to make a lovely little cake. I used my lunch break to run out and buy a book for one of my girlfriends, who is expecting a baby later this summer. I bought her "Super Baby Food" by Ruth Yaron. You can check it out here. I pored through that book even more than I did all my pregnancy books. Anyway, that errand was pretty much my whole lunch break, no thanks to the train that got stuck at the railroad crossing for fifteen minutes--leaving me stranded in the 95 degree heat, because I refused to leave my car running and waste the gas if I wasn't actually driving.

Fast forward. Had ten yards of mulch delivered the house for the purpose of uber-gardening this weekend. Finished my crazy workday. Made a totally fab dinner...pork tenderloin roast in the crock pot with mushroom sauce, fresh veggies, smashed potatoes and blueberry cobbler. Yum.

What stinks is that I sat at the kitchen table, all by myself and ate dinner alone. Why? Because my darling husband brought our daughter to his company picnic and decided to stay two hours longer than he originally told me.

I was done eating by the time they got home. And he sheepishly told me that they had already eaten, so they wouldn't be eating dinner. I got mad and started gardening. I raked out the front of the house and pulled every offending weed--yanked 'em out by the roots and got started hauling mulch. Then my husband asked me if I could take care of the little one because he wanted to rake the backyard before it rained. I gave him a dirty look (you know, the kind that women give when they're mentally thinking, "Oh no you di-int."), then stomped into the house. I'm posting this, then I'm going to snuggle with my little girl and give her a bath. Then I'll mope a little more about the fact that about five other things happened today that upset me, and the missed dinner was just the unfortunate final straw.

I have plenty of leftovers in my fridge if you're hungry. You can come sit at my table and tell me all about your day. We'll have ice-cream after. Anyone?


Cheryl said...

I'd love to. I had a smoothie for dinner, and while delicious, not quite satisfying.

I understand your frustration. Your husband probably only has a little clue. I came home to find all the clothes I had hanging over the door jamb lying on my bed. Wrinkled. It was hanging for a reason. My daughter got mad that I got mad at her. Wouldn't listen when I asked why she didn't use another door when she had to move them. All she hearrd was the nag. Sometimes you just can't win.

Charlene said...

Boy am I ever on my way to your house for ice craem and yes I came home mopey from can be so insensitive...I'm with ya girl