Saturday, June 28, 2008

Quick Update

Hi everyone. Blogging will continue to be a bit slow for the next few days. My poor little pumpkin is sick. If you would, please just say a quick prayer that she makes a speedy recovery. My husband and I just got home from the ER with her--she had a terribly violent reaction to something she ate (not sure what yet, possibly the hotdog or two bites of cotton candy at the charity event today?), and she was a puking, miserable, dehydrated mess. The doctor didn't want to admit her unnecessarily, so we got to take her home. We'll be watching her closely and following up with her pediatrician on Monday.

Also, my vacation is not starting as planned--my boss is really, really sick and on continued medical leave, so I'm stepping up to the plate to help out. I'll be working on Monday, but I'll get my vacation time back, which is good. The rest of the week will touch and go, depending on the issues that arise. On the upside, it'll be a short week anyway with the holiday.

I have to run now--gotta go buy some liquid nutrition for the little one. NO solid foods for 24 hours. Right now, she can't even keep down ice chips. Her daddy, her hero, will stay with her while I do a frantic shopping trip--I truly have the "haggard mom" appearance. I'm wearing it like a badge of courage.


Anonymous said...

Get well soon Munchkin.

Cheryl said...

She must have been so sick for you to take her to the ER. I hope she's taken a turn for the better. Poor haggard mom. Is your cold better?

Jenny said...

On top of your crazy, busy week? So sorry.

Hoping your sweetie feels better and that you can get a vacation from your "vacation".