Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Long Days

It's not a good thing when I work three days and have already put in my 40 hours. I am so exhausted, I can hardly see straight. And it's only Wednesday. Pray that I make it to Friday. Please.

It's nobody's fault that the week has been so hectic. Several of our senior staff members have been away from the office--one at a conference, one dealing with a family crisis, one on vacation, and three on medical leave. There's a lot that the two surviving senior staff have to deal with--and she and I are reaching the ends of our collective ropes. The good news is that everyone will be back just in time for me to go on vacation.

But that doesn't change the fact that I've barely been home in the past 72 hours. My daughter is missing me, I'm missing her, my husband is's all part of a vicious cycle. The good news is that it's temporary, right?

Ah well. I brought work home tonight and I need to get it done before I can go to sleep. More nonsense later. Or tomorrow. Or maybe not until the weekend.

Good night, Blog Land.


Charlene said...

oh you have my sympathy's and prayers I know about hectic...

Jenny said...

Hi, i found you through Missy. Yes, this post hits home for me. It's so hard when the viscious cycle includes frustration between family members, whom you love dearly.

Been there. It IS a season, and it WILL end.

Sometimes it seems there is no limit to the amount of giving we as moms do, huh? Thank the Lord for Grace.