Friday, May 16, 2008

Blast Off! It's Friday!

I love the weekends. Especially when I take an unexpected vacation day to make it a long weekend. Today's going to be busy--I'm taking my daughter to the doctor this morning for her yearly checkup and to find out if we can do anything about the growing pains she's having in her legs, then it's on to the grocery store to buy the food for tomorrow's birthday party, and then completing the gargantuan task of getting the house cleaned up. The house isn't too bad, actually, it's more about getting things picked up and hanging the decorations. There was a bit of craziness on Wednesday when I found out a bunch of extra people were coming--after the food was already planned. I had a fit, a brief fit, but a fit nonetheless. It seems to me that when people call before the RSVP date and say they're not coming, they shouldn't be able to tell someone else to tell me that they changed their minds and are coming after all. So much for common courtesy. Ah well.

My only major concern at this point is that I need to adjust the size of the cake. Wish me luck...please! I'll make sure I post a picture of it (even if it turns out terrible), using my handy-dandy new digital camera that my husband and daughter got me for Mother's Day. I was playing with it a little bit last night and it's got all kinds of neat bells and whistles that my old one didn't--like face detection, picture stabilization, 12x optical zoom and more megapixels than I know what to do with!

I've gotta run for now, but I promise to continue rambling this weekend!


Margaret said...

Make a mitt or a bat to go with the baseball!


How's your room turning around? I hope good.

Growing pains..owie..did doc give any good suggestions??

I am soo happy it's friday, aren't you?
Have a great weekend!!

Cheryl said...

Have a great party! And your new camera? How exciting. I want more optical one will have it.