Friday, May 09, 2008

Angels We Have Heard...

I was driving to the post office with my daughter this afternoon when she asked me to please put on "Rum Pum Pum Pum" which, in three-year-old speak is the equivalent of "The Little Drummer Boy."

To appreciate this story, you have to understand that I'm a fan of Josh Groban--ever since the first time I saw him on Ally McBeal--and I suppose I have kind of a little-girl-totally-in-love-with-him-itsy-bitsy crush. Anyway, I have a copy of his Christmas album in my car and every now and then, my daughter will ask to listen to it. It was torture (NOT! Tee-hee!) to put it in for her. You can listen to it below (sorry for the Oprah spot--it was the only video clip I could find). You'll also have to pause the "regular" music--just scroll down and the music box is on the right, where you can hit pause.

Anyway, my whole point in sharing this is just to tell everyone that my daughter sang along to the whole song. THE WHOLE SONG. She even did the backup vocals.

It was beautiful. Her voice was so clear and melodic--she had her head tilted back in her carseat, eyes closed, and belted out this song. I actually had to pull over for a minute because I was completely mesmerized. When she realized I was listening, she suddenly dropped her singing to a mere whisper, then just hummed along with it, giving me this knowing look all the while. Amazing.



awwwwwwwwww!! They love being on stage, until they know that the parents are watching them up on the stage-so to speak!

Hope you had a great mothers day!!

Jim Latchford said...

Your I suspect you do as well...have great taste in musical talent. I too have enjoyed Josh in concert and have everything he has ever released. Oh, to be able to sing like he does and imagine that the angels in heaven pause in their adoration and just listen to him. What a gift.

I echo Crustybeef's sentimenta and hope that you did indeed have a great Mother's Day.

jAMiE said...

Sounds so sweet...oh to share moments like that...Hope you had a happy mother's day.