Monday, April 28, 2008

Painful Return to Reality

So, I've determined that the worst thing about a vacation is coming back to reality and realizing that for better or worse, nothing has changed. There's still laundry to do, papers to be graded, clients to be seen, a kitchen to be painted and floors to mop. My dear hubby did clean our bathroom and put fresh sheets on the bed yesterday, so that's two less things I have to do.

{Insert big sigh here.}

Ah well. The vacation was nice while it lasted. Last night, it was back to the same old, same old. Back to only 3-4 hours of sleep. Back to my snoring sweetheart. Back to my responsibilities. Back to tickling my daughter and smooching all over her sweet face! Most of it is good, don't get me wrong, but I am so tired today. I had the day off--took it off on purpose because of two medical appointments--but I know I have to go back to the daily grind tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to it.

Tonight, I also received a sharp reminder that the past, no matter how far gone it is, has a nasty way of rearing its ugly head and going for the jugular at the most unpredictable moments. I was attempting to grade a videotape project from one of my students and I ended up going back through some of my family's videos. That was when I realized that my daughter's Baptism video had been recorded over with something else that was not even family related. It was a tape from my husband's old job...he (hopefully) accidentally allowed "someone" to record over it. My hands were shaking so hard, I almost dropped the camera. The video from my daughter's Baptism is all I had from that day. The person who we asked to take the pictures never gave them to us, so that video was it.

It's just a "thing." Nothing more than a "thing." I know that. But I'm still sad. Almost crying sad. But I'm okay. Or, I will be. Probably by tomorrow. Tomorrow is a new day, right? It's just a tape.

Now that I'm done with that, I have to tell you, I'm kind of glad I got out of D.C. yesterday when I did. I heard there were tornadoes in Virginia! Yikes! Actually, my husband has a good friend who lives in Virginia, and I'm hoping he calls her to make sure she and her husband are okay. I've got to get back to grading stuff for my students--it's finals week and I can't afford to get behind. I'll have to post more pictures from my trip tomorrow!

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