Sunday, April 13, 2008

"Groovin'...on a Sunday Afternoon..."

Ah, I love relaxing weekends.

Yesterday got a little nutty with grocery shopping and errands, but it was fine. I was thinking about comments on my last post from Missy and Margaret about the insanity of price increases on basic necessities. Milk is out of control. And juice...forget it. My household budget for gas is still exceeding my budget for food, but probably not for too much longer. The evidence is in the pile of receipts from yesterday.

I went to Trader Joe's first. They have delicious, organic, fresh produce and all kinds of yummy other stuff. With my daughter's health problems, I try to buy organic as much as possible, but it's too expensive at the regular grocery stores. Trader Joe's has plain ol' regular prices on all of their organic stuff. Plus, I never have to worry about label-checking for high fructose corn syrup. I don't think they carry anything that has that terrible stuff in it. (I've cut out high fructose corn syrup as much as possible from my diet because my insulin levels get crazy. Anyway...) I spent right around $65.00 in there. I got all my fresh produce for two weeks, half a dozen bags of frozen veggies, bread, cereal, cheese and a few healthy snacks. Not too shabby.

I went over to Super Wal-Mart for the rest of the necessities and had to bite the bullet and spend some extra because it was meat-shopping time and we needed some basic household necessities. I spent about $100 there. I almost cried on the spot. I hate spending that much. But I calmed myself down and realized that for $165 total, I had enough food and household items for two full weeks, other than replenishing milk and bananas. Whew! I don't know how Missy (4 kids), Margaret (3 kids), and pretty much anyone who's not single keeps their household going with these prices. I try not to freak about it too much, but let's face it...I'm a freak.

So...getting to the whole Sunday afternoon thing.

I had the most fulfilling, relaxing day ever! My poor hubby had to work today. It was a bummer for him, but wonderful for me. My daughter and I headed over to my mom and dad's late in the morning for a little visit. My dad works Sundays, too, and the munchkin was disappointed, but she still had fun. She played in the family room and my mom and I sat right upstairs, chit-chatting (about gas and food prices and the cost of replacing furniture and carpet, my niece's upcoming Communion and goofy in-laws). We had some lunch and hung out until around 1pm, then stopped off at the library to return some books and video before heading home. My little sweetie was wiped out, so she took a nap, and while she dozed, I cleaned the bathrooms. Mmmmmm. I love the smell of mint eucalyptus bathroom cleaner. The whole house smells good now. I also had laundry going, making my way through a daunting pile of sheets and towels.

After my sweetie's nap, we played in the living room, read a few books, had a snack and just totally enjoyed spending time together. The best part was building a tower of blocks, which, for whatever reason, my daughter called "Santa Claus's castle! Ho ho ho!" Odd, but still cute. She wanted to color by herself for a little bit, so while she did that, I put clean sheets on the beds and vacuumed upstairs. I had a chicken cooking in the crock pot,

Um, I just had to take a half hour break to do toxic cleanup in my daughter's room. She was complaining all day her tummy hurt and now I know why...ugh. How can such a tiny tummy hold so much nastiness? Turns out that night-time pull-ups aren't that absorbent. But I'm glad she was in a pull-up...that was an afterthought actually, because she'd been complaining about a tummy ache. For the past few weeks, she's been dry at night. Good thing we had some pull-ups left! Poor baby. She's asleep again.

So, where was I? Oh yeah...the chicken. I made chicken with some mac and cheese and green beans. Little munchkin helped me make a small cake, too. She turned up her nose at dinner, said she wasn't hungry and that her tummy hurt. She ate some applesauce later on, but no dinner. She didn't even want a taste of the cake.

After dinner, we cuddled on the couch. Didn't read, didn't sing, didn't do anything. She just snuggled in my arms and I laid back, breathing in her sweet baby smell. I know she's not a baby anymore and probably in another year, that baby smell will fade completely, but just sitting there quietly, her wrapped in my arms, I swear was a piece of Heaven on earth. I gave her a bath, then got her tucked into bed and read her a book. She read quietly by herself for a while and fell asleep, holding her favorite pink bear...and then right after her dear old daddy got home, her tummy erupted.

Still a wonderful day. Although, I thought was done with laundry. Not quite. *Sigh* But it's fine by me. It's worth it. Totally. Completely. Always.


Cheryl said...

I miss those days with my daughter. I cherish the memories. I hope your daughter is feeling great tomorrow.

Catherine said...

Grocery shopping when you're single isn't all that cheap either. Especially when you don't have time to make yourself dinner, and pay for the extra convenience of something "ready made."

But I am very glad you had a relaxing Sunday. Your life has been too out of whack lately. Miss you, love you! xoxxx