Monday, March 24, 2008

Too Mad for a Title

You know, it's bad enough that in the past three and a half days, I got my tail kicked with a head cold and sinus infection...that I dislocated a bone in my wrist...that my daughter had to go to the ER because of croup...that my husband is now sick...that the computer is misbehaving AGAIN...

But, I'm ready to chew iron and spit nails. The neighbor's dog dug up my front yard in six different spots. Six spots that included my cherished Sultans of Spring tulips. And my tender little crocuses that I almost lost last year. And my giant Big Eartha pink tulips. And the Gypsy and Woodland hyacinths. I am not happy. NOT. HAPPY.

If people can't be responsible for their animals, they shouldn't have them. I love dogs, but we're not ready to take care of one yet. Soon, but not yet. Next time the neighbor's dog is in my yard, I'm going to let it in my garage and keep it there until Animal Control can pick it up. There are three neighbors (yes, we're surrounded on all sides) who let their dogs crap in our yard (and everyone else's yards, too), let them run day and night without leashes and I can't even count how many times they've almost been hit by cars.

Enough is enough. This is my garden. My garden, that I spent a lot of money on and countless hours of planning and sweating so I could proudly display the flowers that I adore so much. And now some dog tears it all up. I don't even really blame the dog. I blame the dumb owners. And now my wrist hurts from typing, so I'm going to rest.



Happy Easter!!

If it's a lab, then I'd be happy to take it!!
Stupid people..poor doggies.
It's like the kids that misbehave, it's not their fault they were never taught proper respect...

Is it spring yet?


P.S. Croup is scary, I've been down that road...and it's so hard for our little ones..they feel so awful and to try and explain to them that the docs and nurses are trying to help them, is like trying to tell a dog to stay the goodness outta your flower garden. :)

I hope she's feeling better, as well as you, your husband, and computer too!

Everything comes in threes with Technology in there too!

Cheryl said...

I'd be just 'beside myself' with anger and disappointment if I were you. You'll have to put this in a 'compartment' in your mind and move on. Will you speak to the owners? I think you should. Including the ones who let their dogs use your lawn for their business.

You need a bath, a massage and a dinner out. That's what I think.

jAMiE said...

Oh those poor dogs...they dont mean to be so you said, its their dumb and inconsiderate owners.

I hope you all are feeling better by now...ouch about your wrist..and i hope you've been able to solve your computer problems...(i'm having them too...ugh!)

Take care.