Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hallmarks of a Mom

There are certain things in my life that point to the fact that I'm a mom.

1. For each year that my daughter is old, my purse gets one size bigger. In two more years, I think I'll be carrying a small suitcase.

2. In said purse, it is not unusual to find a half-eaten granola bar or a tiny pair of Care Bears underpants.

3. After scraping my knuckle while putting air in my tire, I will find in the above mentioned purse the necessary first-aid items. Of course, this consists mostly of antibiotic ointment and Hello Kitty band-aids. The bright pink band-aid on my knuckle has been a good conversation starter this morning at work.

4. I unconsciously brush lint from other people's clothes.

5. I will also pull fuzz out of their hair.

6. I will use the same pleading tone of voice when I'm coaxing the office copier to work properly that I use when I'm trying to get my daughter out of the bathtub.

7. I have learned the true meaning of multi-tasking (cooking, folding laundry, soothing a crying baby and not kicking a complaining husband all at the same time).

8. My head whips around completely of its own accord whenever I hear a child crying.

9. I automatically look up/over my shoulder whenever I hear a tiny voice saying, "Mommy?"

10. I fill my arms with witches and lions and dinosaurs (that are invisible to me) that huddle under my daughter's bed every night and shoo them outside so she can feel safe when she sleeps.


Margaret said...

I can see you talking to the copier, and that makes me laugh.


Anonymous said...

You may think of your list as tirelsome and at times a burden, but I can't wait. You may not know it but your posts always make me look forward to the years to come with my little monster and his little brother/sister(?).