Tuesday, March 11, 2008

All in a Day's Work

Snooze alert: A Day in the Life of Martha

5:50am: Alarm goes off. I stumble bleary-eyed to the bathroom, wash my face, drink some water and change into my workout clothes.

5:52am: Drag very tired behind onto the bike for seven miles. (First half of workout)

6:23am: Feeling awake and sweaty, head to shower.

6:32am: Get out of shower and start getting ready for work.

7:04am: Head downstairs for breakfast. Fill water bottle and make lunch while eggs are cooking.

7:15am: Brush teeth, pull hair back, grab work bag and go downstairs.

7:16am: Run back upstairs to kiss the kiddo and hubby good-bye.

7:17am: Load car. Get into car. Realize car is lopsided due to nearly flat tire.

7:18am: Set up mini-air compressor to fill tire. Go into house and yell at hubby for not doing it last night like he promised.

7:20am: Go back to garage only to see air compressor has come loose and is not filling tire. Put it back on.

7:31am: Pull out of garage. Turn on radio. Favorite song is on. Yay!

7:55am: Get to work. Spill contents of lunch bag in parking lot. Pick up lunch and head into office.

7:58am: Officially punch in for the workday.

Just over nine hours, three mini-crises, misunderstood e-mails, 17 phone calls, staff freaking out and two late counseling appointments later, I get my daughter. I'm way behind schedule. I'm suffering. My daughter will not be happy with me.

5:19pm: Pick up daughter, who doesn't want to go home. I'm convinced she's punishing me for being 45 minutes late. Minor tantrum ensues. I promise she can help me cook dinner. Crying done.

5:57pm: Tomato soup, grilled cheese and veggies served to sweet little girl.

6:07pm: Start load of laundry. Head back to table to have pleasant dinner conversation with my little sweetie.

6:18pm: Clean up from dinner. Unload clean dishes, load dirty dishes.

6:33pm: Hubby gets home. Still mad at him for not filling my tire.

6:37pm: Not so mad anymore. Time to clean the kitchen floor. Where do all those crumbs come from anyway?

6:45pm: Clean bathroom. Daddy does bath duty. Clean other bathroom and powder room.

7:12pm: Comfort bathtub-contained crying child who's screaming, "I don't want daddy! I want mommy!"

7:20pm: Cuddle with calmed child, who cheerfully reads "The Wheels on the Bus" to me--twice.

7:26pm: Munchkin gets up to go the bathroom and get a drink of water.

7:29pm: Munchkin asleep

7:30pm: Switch wash loads. Check university e-mail. Make sure no students are flaking out and planning on skipping mid-term tomorrow night.

7:37pm: Print off lecture notes for next two nights. Organize everything for school.

7:56pm: Get everything ready for full-time job.

8:01pm: Sit my tired behind down to post this goofy schedule.

8:21pm: Finish post.

Now, I'm going to grade a few papers and then do the second half of my workout. I should get to bed around 10:30pm.



Cheryl said...

I'm worn out just reading that! So busy. I hope it's not always like that for you. Where's the sitting back time slot?

Jim Latchford said...

Don't remember the artist's name that sings the recently popular "Mr. Mom," but the lyrics speak to me about what dedicated "Mothers" deal with day in and day out. For al you do to rasie your children (and we men too) "Thank you." You are champions!

jAMiE said...

Whew! is right...you're amazing!