Monday, February 25, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Well, it's been a busy few days here in Casa de la Craziness. We made a last-minute trip to Wisconsin on Saturday, then spent a good chunk of Sunday running around, doing errands. Work today was a lot busier than usual with back-to-back appointments and enough paperwork that I'm pretty sure I single-handedly annihilated a small forest. Boo to bureaucracy.

After all was said and done, I ran to the grocery store after work. I could have been the poster child for why people should NOT grocery shop when they're hungry. I ended up buying more than I needed. Fortunately, it wasn't junk food--I stocked up on things like yogurt, granola bars and whole grain crackers. And a strangely giant bunch of bananas. I'm really quite proud that I passed by the bakery without giving it a second glance, even though by that time I was hungry enough to start gnawing on my own arm.

So, now to my menu plan...

Today (Monday): I made a yummy casserole with diced ham, potatoes and sweet peppers. I was going to make a blueberry cobbler with it, but I got home late and I was too flippin' tired.

Tuesday: Pot roast, roasted potatoes, yellow squash, baked apples

Wednesday: Dinner is Daddy Duty. Who knows what'll be cookin' then!

Thursday: Italian chicken breasts, rice, green beans

Friday: Butternut squash, bean and cheese burritos

The weekend is up in the air. It may just be a free for all with leftovers. Right now, even though I ate dinner, my belly is yowling and screeching for more food. Bad stuff happens when I don't eat...ever see Gremlins? You can't feed them after midnight--but you better feed me straight up until midnight! Okay, I think I'm having hunger-induced-bad-sense-of-humor-tremors. Must. Eat. Chocolate.

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jAMiE said...

Another yummy week ahead for you. Monday i made ham, scalloped potatoes, corn and biscuits.

Today i am making steak, baked potatoes with sauteed mushrooms and peppers. I hope it will be good..i'm hungry.

Do you use a slow cooker for your meals?