Thursday, February 21, 2008

Random Work Stuff

For a little laugh...there are some things that should be banned in office buildings.

1. Microwaving cauliflower in a non-ventilated lunch room. I would never offend anyone's olfactory sensitivity by doing something so cruel. So that goofy girl who DID...cut it out already! Eat the stuff raw!

2. Farting in the hallway. Especially after you've eaten the above-mentioned cauliflower. And most especially when I'm the one walking behind you! Your gas may have been silent, but the trail of stench led straight to you.

3. Shared bathroom space with visitors and clients. I fully believe in staff bathrooms...that way, when someone leaves something gross behind, you can narrow it down and administer a light beating to the culprit.

4. Intercoms. I swear, there are overhead pages on the intercome approximately every two minutes. It's distracting.

5. Flourescent lights. Being a migraine-sufferer, I despise fluorescent lights. Plus, it's the harshest, most un-kind light. Step in front of a mirror and it's like every bump, blemish and wrinkle you've ever had in your whole entire life is magnified.

6. Work. Work should be banned in office buildings. But I should still get a paycheck.


Anonymous said...

I completely agree with each and every point! Especially the florescent lights - it's like they actually suck the energy from you!

Anonymous said...
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jAMiE said...

Cauliflower at, that stuff does smell when cooked.

Love your list!

mamatutwo said...

Oh, I so agree with #6. And from homes, laundry. Doing the laundy should be banned from all homes, yet we should all have fresh towels and clean clothes when we need them!