Monday, February 18, 2008

Feelin' Fine!

Well, after a rather miserable morning and afternoon yesterday, things finally settled down here. Once I got into the kitchen and started getting things ready for dinner, I really started to feel better. I love puttering around in the kitchen.

I made lasagna last night. I took the easy way out and used a jar of mushroom/greenpepper tomato sauce, but I added my own seasonings and threw in some butternut squash, too. The squash thickens the sauce and tastes phenomenal. Instead of adding meat to the sauce, I mixed some frozen spinach with about a cup of ricotta and added that in as a layer, along with a few sprinkles of mozzarella. Of course, the base was whole-grain lasagna noodles. Doesn't that sound terribly healthy? It's no wonder my daughter is such a big girl. She'll be three this spring and is inches taller and pounds heavier than her little friends.

Anyway, after dinner, I actually (finally!) got about an hour to myself to start working on the quilt I've been so anxious to start. I got a bunch of squares cut--only making a few mistakes along the way--and started working out a pattern. Now, the "pattern" is really a matter of personal opinion. When I went to the fabric store last month, I just bought a bunch of stuff that was on sale or on clearance. I thought I didn't want to spend too much in case this whole quilting thing was a bust. So, it's a lot of random patterns in varying sizes, but here's what I've got so far...

I need to cut some more squares and then start pinning everything before I can even think about sewing it all together and adding the batting, backing and trim. This is a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be!


jAMiE said...

Wow how pretty...well done...i'd love to be able to quilt but it all seems so terribly complicated. Enjoy the quilting, i hope you get some more time.

ps...dinner sounded the idea of the butternut squash.

jAMiE said...
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Margaret said...

I adore your fabrics!