Thursday, February 07, 2008

Crazy Weather

What's up with this weather? I know it's winter and snow is to be expected, but this is getting a bit ridiculous. There's a mountain of snow in the local Wal-Mart parking lot that I'm seriously considering skiing down. Of course, that would require me actually knowing how to ski.

I'm looking forward to Spring, but not only for the warmer temperatures. I'm really looking forward to it because I'm anxious to see how my spring garden is going to look. Over the past two years, I've planted about 300 bulbs--snow crocuses, tulips (6 different varieties), daffodils, hyacinth, and probably more that I'm forgetting about. That's okay, though. It'll add a nice surprise for me!

I'm especially excited about a new variety of tulips I planted last year. They're called "Sultans of Spring" and, if the garden company was telling the truth, I'm going to have 36-inch tall tulips in my front yard. They'll be acting as the backdrop for my 26-inch tall "Big Eartha" tulips. I can hardly wait. Last spring, a lady actually rang my doorbell and asked where I got my bulbs from because the flowers were so huge. I felt so good about that. I've got a few tulips that randomly pop up in my yard, thanks to the squirrels who occasionally dig in my garden and move the bulbs. That's always an interesting sight.

Once it's warm enough, I'm planning on putting in some shade hostas along the north side of my fence and tilling up the garden. I'm getting things ready for spring planting already. I also need to fill in the area around my front porch with some extra ground cover, transplant a few lilies down the sides of the driveway, get some containers started for the (surprise!) container garden I'm starting for the deck and...and...I don't know, but something to further beautify the landscape.

My name is Martha and I'm a gardening junkie.


Jim Latchford said...

I envy your gardening expertise. I sorely lack that ability. Last spring and summer I built windown flower boxes and a trellis for our home that were the envy of my neighborhood, but unfortuantly they remained unadorned (and do so even until this day) with any type of plant life. Don't really know what to plant. I am determined to correct that situation this spring. Here in my part of humid Florida ANYTHING will grow, but thus far the only thing I've managed to grow is moss under my feet. Guess I'll consult with a local landscaper and get their opinion. Otherwise, I haven't a clue.

Cheryl said...

Your garden must be spectacular, especially in the spring. I hope you show us. Last year was a major gardening year for me. This year should be maintenance. Last year was the first that I made an investment in annuals instead of all perennials. It was money well spent. I can't wait to sit out on my porch again. Of course, this has been one of our mildest winters ever. Unlike yours. Take care!

Margaret said...

Last year I sent dad a post card about how my garden kicks "you know what" (but his kicks more). We should have a garden-off (but not with dad because he'd win). We can post pictures!