Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Abstract Meaning of Water

I've been told that water symbolizes many things:

1. Life
2. Purity
3. Good luck
4. Healing power
5. Sustenance
6. A bunch more good things, all kinds of stuff from mythology, the Bible, etc.--too many to list here.

Fooey. To all of it.

Eight days after we moved into our house, we had a water leak that dumped gallons of H2O into the linen closet, hallway, kitchen, dining room and basement. Got that fixed lickety-split by the builder's men and had everything that was damaged completely replaced.

Last year, the motor on the sump pump burned up and we didn't discover it for 2 days--thus, gallons and gallons of water in the basement.

Today, we discovered part of the sump pump drain hose that's buried outside is frozen solid--thus, gallons and gallons of water in the basement again.

Normally, I don't hold grudges against the universe (or against anyone who innocently decides not to listen to my handy ideas when preparing to bury the sump pump hose). Today, I'm making an exception. Just for today, I'm going to be crabby and mad.

The good news is that Mr. Rooter came out to assess the situation (and didn't charge us anything, which was nice) and my husband took it from there. The sump pump is now working like mad and pumping gallons and gallons of water into my backyard. By tomorrow, there should be enough for an ice-skating rink. Too bad my skates were damaged by ALL THE FREAKING WATER IN THE BASEMENT!

I'm better now.


Margaret said...

Husbands should listen to their wives AND follow directions...

Cheryl said...

Ouch! I'd agree...water is not your friend!