Sunday, January 13, 2008

Thirty Reasons I'm Glad to (Finally!) Be Thirty

1. In theory, my pimples will go away and I'll only have to worry about wrinkles and gray hair.

2. Gray hair is easier to cover than pimples.

3. If people tell me it looks like I've put on some weight, I can say that everyone's metabolism slows down when thirty hits.

4. I get to say, "I'm thirty!"

5. The decade that was my twenties wasn't particularly great.

6. Ages 10-19 weren't that great, either.

7. It's fun to be able to say, "I remember back 25 years ago..." and actually remember something from 25 years ago!

8. I think 30 is the new 20 anyway, so it doesn't matter.

9. I get to pass my profound 30 years of knowledge onto the goofy kids around me.

10. My husband can no longer complain about robbing the cradle since we're both in our 30s now.

11. Cashiers will no longer look at me funny when I buy anti-aging products.

12. Getting carded will now be a compliment instead of a hassle.

13. I really think people will take me seriously, just because of my age.

14. I'm getting closer to AARP discounts.

15. Speaking of discounts, I think my auto insurance rates drop.

16. Along those lines, I can act like Kathy Bates in Fried Green Tomatoes, when the ditzy women cut her off in the parking lot and say, "Face it, we're younger and faster." Then Kathy Bates crashes into their car and says, "Face it, I'm older and have more insurance." Look out, ditzy girls everywhere!

17. Hopefully, when people ask my age and I say, "Thirty," they'll no longer say, "Really? I thought you were older." Again (and I can't say it enough), being mature or an old soul DOES NOT MAKE ME OLD.

18. Being thirty allows me to complain a little more about my rheumatoid arthritis. When I talked about it before, people always acted like I was some sort of freak. Now, being 30, people are more likely to nod sympathetically and blame the arthritis on my age instead of a condition that I've had since age 22.

19. Quilting and knitting are more age-appropriate and acceptable in this decade of life.

20. I'm still young enough to change careers.

21. If I choose to change careers, employers will still take me seriously and not blame it on immaturity or a midlife crisis.

22. I'm still young enough to have another baby if I choose to do so, but old enough that nobody will think it's strange if I don't.

23. I'm still young enough to be able to learn from my elders, but old enough that people can learn from me, too.

24. I'm one year closer to retirement.

25. I feel like being thirty closes some sort of weird, unspoken generational gap.

26. I can enjoy the song "My Next Thirty Years" by Tim McGraw and really relate to it.

27. The lady at the bank won't look at me funny and say, "You're so young to be thinking about retirement!" the next time I ask about an IRA.

28. I get to say, "My sister and I are both in our thirties."

29. I can make a decision to run for President in five more years. Not.

30. Just because. I'm just glad to be thirty.


Cheryl said...

I loved this! Enjoy your thirties. I loved them. I recently read about an interview of 80 somethings, who were asked about their favorite decade. Overwhelmingly, it was their 60's. I find that very encouraging.

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Marni said...

Happy belated birthday! My thirties were great -- I only hope my forties are better.

Margaret said...

#13, Martha? HAHA.

Also, quilting and knitting do not have a decade appropriate place--they are hobbies for any age!

And I loved the look on your face when you walked in the door and that giant blue creature was there to greet you!

Happy Thirties!