Friday, January 04, 2008

Quilting Craziness

Is 30 old? I'm starting to wonder...

See, I got a book for Christmas. Ready for it? Quilting for Dummies. Funny? Maybe. Even funnier is that I actually asked for it. I really want to start quilting. In fact, I started thinking about a pattern already. It's going to be something for my daughter--maybe a princess theme? Or maybe just a bunch of random colors that she likes? I'm not sure yet. I don't want to do anything too complicated for my first project. Maybe I should do a wall-hanging first to get the hang of it.

My husband tells me that I'm getting old before my time. I just raised an eyebrow and said that being an "old soul" is different from being "old." And if he wants to talk about old, he should take a look at my sewing machine...I inherited it from my grandma and I think it's about 40 years old. It still works, although it's slowing down a bit. I thought about buying a new, portable sewing machine, but the one from my grandma is one of those big, self-contained things where you fold it into the sewing table. It looks like an ordinary end-table when it's all closed up, but 25 seconds and some quick maneuvers later, and PRESTO! I have a complete sewing area.

Plus, I like to think that my grandma's years of sewing expertise will somehow jump from the machine to me. I remember her making me clothes when I was a little girl--mostly pants, because the long legs and wide hips that were obvious on my little body at age 4 (and are much more prominent now) made it impossible for my mom to find pants that fit me. Ah, memories.

I think I'm going to go to the fabric store this afternoon and start looking and getting more ideas for a quilt.


Missy said...

good luck on your quilting endeavors.

In our city there is a community center in an African American part of town, and the old ladies teach quilting classes. I always thought that sounded like heaven.

Cheryl said...

You're never too old to start a hobby! I taught myself to sew at 30. Took up stamping at 40. Who knows what I'll do next? 30 is young!

jAMiE said...

Thirty is young...for sure.
I'd love to get into quilting but it's just too complicated for me...but i bet you'll love it.