Monday, January 21, 2008

24 Hours Later...

So, yesterday I was all giddy over the goofy matching slippers my daughter and I have (please scroll down and look at the pictures, it's good for a chuckle). One day later--and don't get me wrong, the slippers are still a big highlight of being a mom--things have gone downhill fast.

It never ceases to amaze me how fast a child can get sick. My little munchkin has had a cold for a while. It was sort of hanging on, just lingering, but she was doing fine. Then, during the night last night, it morphed into a monstrosity. I called the doctor's office this morning and they squeezed us in for an afternoon appointment. We've had a few bad scares, but as the day went on today, I started getting that anxious, fluttery feeling in my stomach just knowing that something was going very wrong with my little girl. I've blogged a few times about the ongoing medical issues she's had as a result of RSV, which she got for the first time at a month old (to read more about RSV, click here), and it appears that what's going on now is just part of that ongoing process.

We spent quite a while in the pediatrician's office today, where he did a thorough exam and assured me that I was not overreacting to the purplish-blue hue of her fingers, toes and lips. It's happened before and is usually a strong indication that her lungs are clogged up and her body, though it's working really, really hard to pump oxygen-rich blood to her extremities, just isn't working quite right.

He is not the type of doctor to be in and out of an exam room in five minutes. He easily spent twenty minutes with us, explaining everything, writing out the new medication regimen we have to follow, and making me promise that I'll call him, no matter what time it is, if she gets worse or if she's not starting to show improvement within 36 hours. I adore him. He is the kindest, most gentle and mild-mannered man I have ever met. He's been there for all of us since the munchkin was born. He's always made room in his schedule for us, answered those dreaded middle-of-the-night calls with compassion when we didn't know if we should go the hospital because of the latest medical crisis (FYI, we never had to. He always gave us superior instructions over the phone to help us avoid hospitalization at all costs.), and given top-notch care. I'm getting a little teary while typing this, but for anyone who's ever been seriously ill or had a child or other loved one who's been seriously ill, you understand the value of a really, really good doctor. Our doc is typically very conservative in treatment, but as aggressive as is needed when necessary. My daughter doesn't hesitate to jump into his arms for a hug and tell him she loves him. Yeah, we've been in his office that much.

So, I still love being a parent, but days like today convince me that being a parent also knocks a few years off the anticipated life span. But that's okay. I really wouldn't trade it for anything. Explaining to my boss that my husband and I are juggling who can take days off to stay home with her for the next week is something else entirely. I think the United States needs some kind of legislative action (aside from FMLA) to protect employees' jobs and benefit time when their kids are sick. That, however, is a post for another time.


Cheryl said...

Oh, I hope your daughter is doing better. I'm so sorry you have to live with this. Thank goodness for your doctor. He is a godsend.

annie said...

Very scary. Prayers for a quick recovery.
thanks for stopping by my blog.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm sorry that your little girl doesn't feel well. I know that my heart falls on the floor whenever I have the slightest thought that my boy is getting sick. Hang in there and I hope she feels better soon!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Oh, I am so sorry. See, I think THAT is why the vase did not mean much!!

Shep had RSV at 4 months. I have lived ever since in a state of RSV paranoia. Maggie was born in Dec. in the worst RSV season in years. I drove her in one Saturday morning when she was 3 mos old, crying the whole way. Nada. Just a cold. But I had sweet doctors too who did an xray and an RSV test just to assuage my fears.

Prayers she will recover quickly.


I'm so glad to have read up above that she is feeling better..God is answering your prayers with cupcakes, cakes, and healthy giggles!!
I do agree with you, about the time away..absolutely more then just FMLA!!

I'm dealing with our Ben, my baby, that hasn't been "well" since november..every time a bug leaves, a bug comes I'm getting anxious, but your posts up here, from this one and all up, have really helped give me what I thank you!!
God works in wonderous ways!!