Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sweet Relief

Well, I got my computer back up and running, so the three hundred packs of Rolaids I bought in anticipation of my body freaking out and sending liquid hot magma through my esophagus can now get shoved to the back of the linen closet.

I lost a lot of information--all of my music and most of my Word documents, but I was able to save all of my pictures. The music is no big deal--I can download all of that again when I have time (...time? What is this four-letter-word I speak of??). The Word documents, I'm pretty bummed about. The only good thing is that I have hard copies of everything for the classes I teach, so I can re-type all of them. My handouts needed some updates anyway, so I'm looking at this as an opportunity to improve. The pictures--wow. It was by a sheer stroke of luck that I downloaded all of my photos onto CD-Rs only two days before the hard drive went kaput. Strange how that works...women's intuition? Dumb luck? I don't know. But I'm so glad, because I have almost a thousand photos--mostly of my cutie-pie daughter, that are now safely backed up.

Funny thing...I got a flash drive that's big enough to back up my whole system. Too little, too late, but much needed and very appreciated, MIL!

I've got some fun stuff to share about Christmas--stories about screaming toddlers, too many gifts, lasagna and Bloody Marys. Good times, I tell ya. I'll have to share another time, though, because right now, I'm exhausted. It's that whole post-holidy-family-get-together-syndrome. Next year, I'm hosting Christmas Eve at my house. Still stressful, of course, but at least I won't have to go anywhere.


Cheryl said...

I could use some Tums after all the brownies I've eaten. What was I thinking?

Glad you were able to save some stuff. I'm buying an external hard drive next. And getting ready to burn another disc of pictures. The others are in a fireproof safe.

Today at home relaxing? The best. I hope you have some down time too.

jAMiE said...

Oh wonderful...glad you were able to rescue some of your stuff...and i look forward to hearing your stories about Christmas.

Margaret said...

I want to hear the story about Bloody Marys.