Sunday, December 02, 2007

Running on Empty

Whew! It was one heck of a weekend and it's not even done yet!

Friday, I got into one of my cleaning-modes. We all know what that means...hours of scrubbing, scouring, vacuuming, etc. I was up late, taking care of laundry and whatnot. It's so unfair that if I skip even one day of cleaning/straightening during the week, everything seems to multiply by ten. Or twenty. Do you think dirty laundry splits and replicates itself? I do. I'm also pretty sure that the two plates in my kitchen sink were doing something naughty overnight, because the next morning, there were four plates, a bowl, two spoons and a glass. They must have been getting busy.

Yesterday, my in-laws came for a visit. That's always an adventure. I spent the whole morning and afternoon cooking. Of course, that was after I assaulted a chicken in my kitchen sink. Not a live chicken. It was dead. And plucked. And gosh darn it, still partially frozen on the inside! Here I was, all set at 8:30am to get busy (in a good way--not like my naughty dishes the night before) and begin working on my culinary masterpiece, when I realized the bag of chicken parts (what is that stuff? goo? something else equally gross? I don't know because I never use it.) was still frozen solid on the inside. I dutifully ran cold water over the chicken, rinsing, rinsing, rinsing, pouring water on the inside, too. Didn't help. Finally, out of frustration, I grabbed that stupid plastic bag and started pulling. Bad idea. In the process of trying to get it out, I didn't realize that the bag had ripped a little bit and filled with water. So what happened when I squeezed it? It sprayed. Everywhere. I shrieked as raw chicken water splashed my face and clothes. But I was more upset by the chicken water spraying on my clean counter and floor.

That was it. I decided to show that chicken who was boss.

I used my wrist to shove my glasses up on my nose, than grasped that chicken between my forearms, solidly anchoring it in the colander that was in the sink. With a heave and a blood-curdling war cry, I shoved my hands into the butt of that chicken. Actually, it was still pretty frozen, so I used two fingers, then four to pry it open. Then I used both hands to grab that ripped open bag of chicken nastiness and put it where it belongs. In the garbage (but only because I don't know what else to do with it--if anyone has any suggestions, I'm open to trying them).

It was smooth-sailing after that. I made some yummy southwest chicken with rolls and mashed potatoes (more about the potatoes in my next post). I also made a side of taco salad, which my dear hubby had been begging for. I made it, in spite of the fact that a few nights earlier, he said that my foot resembled a wild animal that he swore was going to eat him.

It was a nice evening overall. After the in-laws left (in the middle of an ice-storm that had dropped a solid two inches of ice on our driveway), I got some stuff done for my second job. It's the end of the semester and students are having some anxiety about final projects. I spent time grading papers and projects--I'm kind of nerdy, so I enjoy that stuff. Then I took a shower and curled up in bed with a good cookbook. I read on Cheryl's blog a little while back that she reads cookbooks in bed, too. I'm glad I'm not alone. I had tried a mashed potato recipe that day that was great, and I flagged two more recipes to try. Speaking of which, I need to get those out of the oven right now!

I can't wait to share my thoughts on this cookbook...more later!

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Cheryl said...

I'm currently reading Italian Classics by the authors of America's Test Kitchen. That's where I got the baked ziti and the focaccia recipes. I had them for dinner again tonight and they were even better. But I overate and need to put some sweats on.

You told a good story. All that bacteria on your face, counters and floor? Awful!!!

Take care!