Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Good Day Continued

I found this template at That made my day go better!

My little girl came barrelling into my arms after a long day, shrieking, "I love you so much mommy! Hug me!"

My husband promised to rub my back tonight.

My jeans fit. After the whole fiasco of trying to squeeze into teeny-bopper jeans, I got my behind into a wonderful, comfy pair. And I don't even need a long sweater to conceal anything!



Missy said...

Ok, love it, but did you have to totally redo all your sidebar thingys? Is there an easier way?

I am clueless about this stuff, can you tell?

Marni said...

LOVE the template! So bright and cheerful...

Sounds like things are rolling along nicely. What a great way to roll into the holidays!

Hugs to everyone!