Saturday, December 15, 2007

Body Image

I went shopping first thing this morning. On a Saturday. Ten days before Christmas. Ugh.

I'm more of a window shopper, but today, I was on a mission. I really, really needed a new pair of jeans. My most favorite, soft, broken-in, perfectly conformed to my body, mid-rise, bootcut jeans with just a hint of stretch, went to the The Big Closet in the Sky. The zipper broke. Bummer.

Anyway, I just need to rant for a minute. I'm not skinny. I'm curvy in all the right places, a little too curvy in some of the wrong places, but for the most part, I'm pretty comfortable with my body. Today, though, I fully realized that there's a reason why so many women have body image issues.

It's the darn designers of clothes. Seriously.

Since when can I slide beautifully into a size 10 pair of jeans, but all of a sudden--when I haven't gained or lost a single pound in several weeks--the NEW jeans I tried on just didn't fit, even though they were my regular size? And it wasn't that they just didn't fit. It was that I could barely get them over my knees. I grabbed a few more pairs in different sizes, and finally reached the peak of disgust, when, jumping around the dressing room, I realized I was trying to squeeze myself into a size 14 and couldn't get them to zip.

Apparently, "slim fit, low-rise" jeans are in right now. And that means that a regular chickie-doo like myself has to buy pants that are 2-3 sizes bigger, because holy crap, I actually have a butt and hips. And then the pants look stupid, because I have these pants on where the "waist" of the jeans is just above my rather wide, post-baby hips, and they fit great there, but they sag everywhere else.

For a split second, I wanted to cry. Finding clothes is difficult enough being tall and leggy, but you throw in curvy, and it's like I may as well just break out the sewing machine and make my own clothes--which I do on occasion, but it's usually skirts for summer.

After this very keen disappointment, I bought two sweaters instead. They're long enough that they'll cover the broken zipper on my favorite jeans. Take that, you naughty designers!


jAMiE said...

Awww...stinkin' designers...hope you find something soon!

ps i hate clothes shopping for myself...

Cheryl said...

Well, at least you know it's them and not you. Keep looking. I did well in Kohl's with Levi's. In the meantime, thank goodness for long tops. I happen to come from a family of flat butts. Jeans work well for us. Bathing suit bottoms don't.

Margaret said...

Pants shopping is the worst, ESPECIALLY jeans. Personally, I don't care what number is on the tag as long as they look and feel good because having jeans tailored is a pain!

Just keep your eyes open for something you love.

Missy said...

Buying bathing suits makes me literally cry. Literally. Cry.