Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pre-Thanksgiving Festivities

Today was a busy, busy day.

In keeping up with tradition, I took today off work and devoted the afternoon to baking. My sister hosts the annual Thanksgiving dinner (can't wait for tomorrow--yummy!), but I'm bringing something for dessert. I decided to try out something new, which can be dangerous the day before a holiday, but I figured it was early enough in the day that if it came out terrible, I could make something else.

After thumbing through some recipes, I finally decided on Outrageous Cookie Bars. I actually made those first, around two o'clock this afternoon, and my kitchen still smells heavenly. I snuck one after they cooled, just to make sure they taste as decadent as they smell. Um, believe me, they do.

After that was settled, I started on my next endeavor: a quadruple recipe of classic chocolate chip cookies. Why quadruple? Well, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, and truly giving thanks, I bake like crazy to share with a few of the local fire stations. See, back in Spring of 2005 after I had my daughter, there was this big episode where my heart went haywire and landed me in critical care until things got figured out. That sounds so non-chalant, doesn't it? It wasn't at the time, but I'm healthy now. I start thinking about it a lot around Thanksgiving and realize just how much I have to be thankful for. Anyway, since then, as a way to show my appreciation and support of the men and women who operate out of the fire stations, I stuff them with goodies. Usually, I deliver to the two fire stations that are within 2 miles of my house, but this year, I'm adding a third, that's clear on the other side of the city. Why? My husband ran into the paramedic who initially responded to the frantic 911 call two and half years ago, and that's the station he's working out of now. Funny how things circle around like that.

I have a lot to be thankful for--a home, a family, a job, food on the table...but I wouldn't have had any of those if not for the quick arrival of emergency workers who cared for me in 2005. Who needs a knight in shining armor when you've got a paramedic in a shining ambulance?

And who needs Thanksgiving dinner when you've got twenty dozen chocolate chip cookies just begging to be eaten??


Cheryl said...

I love what you do for the fire stations. How kind, and thoughtful.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Is your sinus infection gone? Happy Friday! I can't sleep, so I'm up reading blogs.

Margaret said...

Martha, the cookie bars were delicious!

And I am so glad that those paramedics took care of you. I will never forget my slobbering tearful relief the day after you came home from the hospital and your husband's kindness in buying me socks since I had forgotten to pack mine in my rush to get to you!

Thanks-giving is wonderful.