Monday, October 08, 2007

Time for a Change

To the wonderful readers who stop by to peek at my blog, please bear with me the next few days...I'm trying out some new templates and whatnot. I'm just feeling like it's time to jazz things up a bit. Now, with my luck, I'm going to play around with the format and then go back to exactly what I had originally!


Cheryl said...

I used to play around with mine all the time. Go in there and mess with the code, not knowing what I was doing, but trying to put my own banners, etc.. in there. So frustrating. I found a place where I could buy my banner ($6) and Andrew put it on for me and fixed my colors. I wonder how everyone else does it.

Catherine said...

If you Google "free templates blogger" you can find some pretty sweet stuff out there, and then you can just copy and paste the code. Or Blogger offers a bunch of stuff now that it didn't before. You can make your OWN picture banner! (Which I've been thinking of doing for the Sister site...)

jAMiE said...

Oh...enjoy yourself, it's fun!

Anonymous said...

I do that ALL the time. And I always end up going back to the same old boring "Minima".
But try
- they're quite original!