Saturday, October 13, 2007

Formatting Woes

I was smack in the middle of changing the template and formatting on my blog when my computer overheated and shut down. *Sigh* And things were going so well. I'm now in the process of updating my link list with all my favorite blogs. I think I'm still missing a few, but hopefully, folks will e-mail me and ask why the link to their blog is missing. If you let me know, I'll replace it. I can't seem to find the Mundane Kate B. It disappeared from my list, and I can't remember the web address. Argghhhh. Ah well. My NavBar also disappeared. That just bugs me because I lost the ability to sign in, search and click that fun "Next Blog" button. Maybe I can figure out how to get that back. If not, oh well. At least I like the template! It would have sucked if I had done all that work, had the computer shut down and then ended up hating the results.

More nonsense later...


jAMiE said...

Yay, i'm first to say how lovely it looks here..well done.

Anonymous said...

It looks VERY nice!
Easy way to sign in : When you reach your page, click on "view my complete profile" then the Blogger logo at the top of the page. This should send you right to the Dashboard lickety split :)