Friday, October 19, 2007


I love my family more than I can describe, but there are some days--like today--when I entertain the fantasy of being single again. No whiny, irritable, strep-throat-infested husband, no little girl with a sore thigh from her flu shot who doesn't want to go to sleep, no mountains of dishes or dirty floors or piles of laundry.

Just me.

And then, something happens that makes me smile and makes the daily grind a little bit easier to bear...I hear my little girl, still crabby and not sleeping, shrieking at her daddy to "GO AWAY! I WANT MY MOMMY!"


Anonymous said...

There's nothing like that secret smile to keep a mom going!


Cheryl said...

There's nothing like motherhood. The good and the bad. You do need some space, but just a little. I hope your family's feeling good again soon.