Sunday, October 07, 2007

Christmas in October

I was at Target today, getting a few odds and ends for Halloween, when, lo and behold! I ran into Christmas decorations! Are you kidding? Christmas decorations in October? There I was, pushing my card with the fake spiderwebs and 3-foot stuffed spider for my front porch, when all of a sudden, my eyeballs began melting from the sudden onslaught of blinking Christmas lights. I mean, hello? It's only October!

Of course, the months don't mean much here the Midwest. It was so hot out yesterday and today. Record breaking heat. It's October and the temperatures are in the 90s. It's crazy, I say. Crazy. There's something wrong, wrong, wrong with having to put the air conditioner on in October. I felt so bad for everyone running the Chicago Marathon today. It had to have been like running in a tropical jungle. And I got sunburn yesterday while doing some fall planting in my garden. Sunburn in October? Christmas decorations in October? What is the world coming to?


Cheryl said...

It is crazy. Every year the decorations come out earlier and earlier. Who can even think about the holidays when it's July in October, like you said.

jAMiE said...

I'm with Cheryl...i can't believe it but they seem to come out earlier and earlier every least they do here.