Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wedding Bells

I've been wanting to post this video from Big and Rich for a while, but every time I try, I come up with an error message. So, even if you're not a country music fan, I hope you check it out. Anyway, the song is called "Lost in the Moment" and the video shows a series of clips from various weddings.

It makes me feel nostalgic. Makes me think about my own wedding day. But that's a story for another time. Maybe someday I'll tell everyone about how Shawn didn't look at me when I walked down the aisle...

Anyway, I went to a wedding on Saturday with Shawn and our little munchkin. I felt so honored to be a part of it all. See, the groom, Jason, was my very first "boyfriend." From kindergarten through fifth grade, we were an "item." Or, at least as much as kids can be items at that age. I remember him blowing kisses to me in first grade during lunch. He was the first boy to give me flowers--tulips, to be exact, for my tenth birthday. He was also the first boy to give me a piece of jewelry--a small silver rose on a thin silver chain, also for my tenth birthday. He gave me two books, too. I remember feeling kind of overwhelmed by it all.

Time passed, as it does, and as fifth graders, he decided he liked one of my friends. Bummer. We still hung out and talked at school, shared all the same classes until the day in sixth grade when his family moved. My family moved a year later. We lost touch for a brief time, finally re-connecting when we were in high school and staying in semi-regular contact through college. He came to my wedding six years ago, but I hadn't seen him since then. There were a few letters, holiday cards, and so on over the years. Then, this past spring, he wrote to say he was getting married and to save the date for his wedding. Of course, I did.

It was so nice to see him again this past weekend. His wife is beautiful and while I don't really know her at all, she seems like a genuinely nice person, and the two of them are obviously a wonderful match for each other. It's funny seeing people get married now when I've been married for six years. There's a part of me that wants to stand up and yell, "Don't do it! Turn back while you can! You don't know what things will be like three or four years down the road!" I said this to Shawn, and he gave a thoughtful reply..."I get it, but who knows what it'll be like three or four years after those three or four years." I grudgingly admit, he makes a good point. I've got a way to go before my faith in the institution of marriage is completely renewed. My issues, I know. *Sigh*

So, after the bride and groom set the dance floor on fire, Jason told me that they're heading off for a fairy-tale honeymoon in France. I told him that I'm appropriately jealous. I've never gotten to travel. Shawn is kind of a homebody, and that's okay. Shawn doesn't like to dance, either, which is harder. I haven't done any "real" dancing in over eight years, and that's something that I sorely miss. While contemplating my adorable daughter's face as she and I shared a slice of wedding cake later in the evening, I realized that I'm not really jealous. There's a tiny ping of envy, but the truth is, I don't wish for what Jason and Erin have. I just admire it.

I know the people in my life are valuable. Maybe I'll never glide across a ballroom floor or do any crazy swing dancing again. I'll probably never make my way overseas to experience the wonder of another culture. I might get wistful thinking about it, but the truth is, I've got a beautiful child who thinks I'm the best dancer in the world (you should check out my mad moves when I get down to The Wiggles singing about how we should shake our sillies out) and who thinks that going to the store with mommy is practically like visiting the wonders of the world.

It is, all in all, a beautiful life.


Margaret said...

1. Martha, you might want to check with mom...I think he gave you roses in Kindergarten. You two were so adorable.

2. And I couldn't help but laugh at: There's a part of me that wants to stand up and yell, "Don't do it! Turn back while you can!" Because, secretly, I want to yell the same thing. Even though I am terribly happy in my marriage, I guess I want to make sure the bride and groom know it won't always be perfect.

3. The Crazy Sisters will make sure you make it overseas! You will LOVE it!

Cheryl said...

That was a wonderful story. Life doesn't always give us what we want, but sometimes we get what we need. We both got our daughters, although sometimes I want to give mine back! Still, I wouldn't trade her for anything.

jAMiE said...

That was a lovely post...thank you for sharing.

Catherine said...

Yeah, what Margie said on #2. Because you know what? Who's to say that you won't want to see Paris with your daughter some day, even if your husband doesn't want to go? And who's to say that all Four Crazy Sisters aren't going to go with dad on his post-retirement return to the Homeland? Travel will happen, Martha.

Also, Jason was supposed to marry ME, and I hope you reminded him at the wedding. (I told mom to tell you to tell him).

And last, but not least, who remembers the Papadopouloses? ;-)

Martha said...

Sister #2, I think it's funny that you even remember how to spell "Papadopoulos". Weirdo!

Anonymous said...

Martha, you are sister #2, LOL.

But "weirdo" still applies.

With Love,

Anonymous said...

Oooops! Bad typo. I meant Sister #3!


Catherine said...

It's only been six years since I last saw Nick! Of course I can still spell his last name, and it's not WEIRD! :-P