Sunday, September 02, 2007

Major Labor Day

Well, I certainly put the "Labor" into this Labor Day weekend. As planned, I spent most of the day outside doing yardwork. I'm completely exhausted, but I accomplished so much. I cut the grass (not usually my chore, but my poor hubby hurt his back and could barely move this morning, so I volunteered). After that, we went back to Home Depot to get more goodies for the front yard.

I planted five more shrubs and six flowering plants. I also planted 4 flowering plants that I'd had sitting in the garage. I'm sore, but in a good way, you know?

The only downfall today is that my husband's mother paid a visit. It wasn't her visit that messed things up. It was an unpleasant conversation that happened as a result. Before I could hit my personal "Edit button" or perhaps "Mute", I told her off. It was something that was a long time coming, and I think I shocked everyone when I told her she needed to quit speaking in the tone she was using in front of my daughter. I don't know who looked more shocked--her, my husband or me. It just finally came down to the fact that if I'm not going to let my own parents use that tone of voice in my home, I'm certainly not going to let anyone else get away with it.

The fallout was pretty mild, all things considered. Now, it's late, I'm tired--and itchy, no thanks to the dozen mosquito bites I got while digging in the dirt. Yowch!

Hopefully, I'll tell you tomorrow about our fun zoo visit!

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jAMiE said...

Good for you! Wish i could do something like that with my mother.