Sunday, August 05, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

This is the first time I'm doing Menu Plan Monday--even though it's Sunday night right now. Many thanks to Org Junkie!

Monday~Slow Cooker turkey breast, steamed potatoes, carrots

Tuesday~Spaghetti with chunky vegetable tomato sauce, mixed salad greens

Wednesday~Italian Marinated chicken breast, brown rice, green beans

Thursday~Whole wheat pasta tossed with green peppers, broccoli and ground turkey

Friday~Breakfast for Dinner (omelettes with diced veggies, turkey sausage)

Saturday~No plans yet...hopefully we'll be going out to celebrate our wedding anniversary!

Sunday~Hail Mary, It's Almost Monday Pizza


jAMiE said...

i love breakfast for dinner...but it all sounds yummy.

jAMiE said...


Hello Martha...i have tagged you for the Middle Name Meme...please visit my blog for details.

You're it!