Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Holy Buckets!

I just had one of those jarring moments that I think most women experience during the course of their marriages.

"What was I thinking?"

Of course, I was thinking that I loved him and wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. That's what I was thinking at the time. My little brain burst happened earlier when I realized that all the plans I made for traveling around the world probably aren't going to happen. It has nothing to do with having a child--we could figure out that part of it. And financially, well, it might take a while (a LONG while), but we could figure out that part of it, too.

It's just that my husband doesn't like to travel. At all. For anything.

His idea of traveling is getting up from his Playstation and going into the kitchen for ice-cream. Expeditions outside of the home usually involve visiting family or have something to do with baseball.

I asked him earlier about maybe planning a nice, adult, tropical vacation somewhere down the road. He seemed puzzled that I wasn't interested in staying with his family in Florida.

For the most part, I'm okay with the fact that he's a homebody. Maybe someday I'll get to travel. Maybe my daughter would like to go with me when she gets older!

These are some places I'd like to visit (not in any particular order):

1. Hawaii (okay, maybe that really is the top place I'd like to visit)
2. New England in Autumn
3. The Great Wall of China
4. Rome (I've heard that all of Italy is nice, but I really want to go to Rome)
5. Greece
6. Australia
7. Paris
8. Switzerland
9. London
10. Graceland (I love Elvis, even though he's dead)
11. Las Vegas (the last time I went, I wasn't old enough to gamble)
12. Incan/Mayan Ruins
13. Viet Nam
14. The Hamptons
15. My old neighborhood in Chicago, just so I can show my husband the church where I thought I saw Jesus breathing

Ah well. Maybe I'll get to all of them, maybe some of them, maybe none of them. I guess I'll have to wait and see!

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Catherine said...

1. Hawaii -- You know, Dad has said more than once that when he retires he wants to take mom vacation? (We can leave Shawn at home; no luaus for him)!
2. New England in Autumn -- Come visit me! Easy roadtripping!
3. The Great Wall of China -- If I get tickets in the 2008 Olympic lottery, I have friends in Beijing, and they have floors, even if not sofas!
4. Rome -- If we're going to Rome, we're not staying longer than 5 days. Besides, if we go to Rome, we should see Capri and Florence and Pisa and Venice. And then we'll just HAVE to go to Paris and London and Brussels as well.
5. Greece -- Yes. And again, I have friends. Friends with uncles who own islands.
6. Australia -- Yes. I have friends. Do you like Melbourne?
7. Paris -- In a heartbeat. I'll show you around, and we can even go to EURO-DISNEY! ;-)
8. Switzerland -- Ooh, love the Swiss. We should go hiking with my host mom one summer (since, you know, that's what she does EVERY SUMMER in the Alps).
9. London -- Again, I will show you around, and again, I have friends. We'll go to Oxford, too, and see the Harry Potter dining hall! (It's actually a chapel, no eating allowed).
10. Graceland -- Pass.
11. Las Vegas -- Definitely, but we can't let me watch any of the Ocean's movies, else I'll be tempted to do something crazy.
12. Incan/Mayan Ruins -- I've been dying to go to Machu Picchu! South America is good for travelers on a budget, too!
13. Viet Nam -- Southeast Asia is also good for travelers on a budget! And I have friends! (Well, one, singular, but if we're there, we may as well do China and Japan and India and Sri Lanka, and that, dear sister, is where my peeps come in).
14. The Hamptons -- any summer you want, just lemme know. But FYI, we low-key kids just like to say we're "going out to Lond Island" ;-)
15. My old neighborhood in Chicago -- me too. Let's do that next time I'm in town.

Love you, travel buddy! But I have a feeling that at least Sister #1 is going to want to join us FOR SURE!