Thursday, July 19, 2007


So, a few days ago, I put up a funny video called "Mr. Mom" and made a (semi) joking comment that my husband was home all week with our two year old daughter and I was giving it until Wednesday before he had a meltdown.

I was incorrect. I'm sorry.

He made it until today (Thursday) at 2pm, when he called me at work and asked if I could come home because he didn't "feel good." His ear was bothering him.

Now, I'm kind of laughing it off, but kind-of-for-real mad, too. When my daughter was five days old, my heart stopped beating (yes, literally stopped beating). When she was ten days old, I was home ALONE taking care of her because my husband had gone back to work. Here are a few highlights since then: Three days after I had my tonsils out, she got sick, and there I was, taking care of her, not taking any pain medication because it would make me too sleepy to take care of her. I remember coughing up a mouthful of blood and spraying a little bit on her. She thought it was funny. I cried. Massive kidney infection, barely able to move because of the pain (and again not being able to take pain meds), I took care of her. Barfing my brains out from food poisoning, I managed to take of her. Both of us sick with flu-like symptoms and fevers of 104, I still pulled it together to take care of her.

But today, he had a sore ear, and needed me to come home.

I love him. Don't get me wrong. Really, I do. But I think it's okay that I'm a bit annoyed right now.

In my profile, I make a smarty pants remark about being a Super Hero. I've decided that it's no longer a joke. I am a Super Hero. And I think becoming a mother made me one. So, take that Mr. I-Have-a-Sore-Ear.


Cheryl said...

I remember the comments I got after my husband moved out. People thought it must be so hard doing everything by myself. I said no, I did everything else already. It's us women who make the world go round. Sorry, men.

My name is Kate B. said...

Men are truly ridiculous sometimes. Chad tries this with me too - "I can't give Ella a bath tonight because my thumb hurts," or "My feet hurt so I can't change her diaper." Honestly! If I "called in sick" HALF the time I felt like it, we would need a full-time live-in nanny and a housekeeper. Sometimes you've got to buck up and do what needs done, right?