Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Me and God

Making peace with Paczki...

So, for anyone who doesn't know, "Paczki" (pronounced POON-chkee) is a Polish pastry that's popular on Paczki Day--also known in Americanized culture as Fat Tuesday. The fun of Fat Tuesday is getting to indulge and go to excess before we begin the holy season of Lent.

Growing up Catholic, the teachers made a very big deal out of Lent and how important it was to give up something...to make a sacrifice as a way to pay homage to the sacrifice that Jesus made. So, as kids, we gave up things like candy or cookies, or we gave up beating on our younger siblings, stuff like that.

As I got older, I moved away from the idea of giving up something and instead chose to do something positive during the Lenten season. This year, though, as I thought about it more and more, I decided that I need to give up something in particular. It started yesterday. During a meeting that I was at last night, one of the individuals was telling me about a friend who gives up "green bean sandwiches" for Lent. Of course, everyone in group thought that was hilarious. After the laughter faded, we had a discussion about the importance of doing something during Lent that will bring us closer to God.

I believe that praying brings me closer to God, so my offering this year is to give up doughnuts. It sounds silly. It seems childish. But I have a serious issue with doughnuts. Put doughnuts in front of me, and my self-control goes out the window. So, after giving it some serious thought, I decided that giving up doughnuts will bring me closer to God. Me and God are going to be best buddies (as if we weren't already). Why? Because I'm going to have to pray a lot to get through the Lenten season this year. Giving up doughnuts will bring me closer to God. Crazy, but true. Wish me luck...

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Catherine said...

Good luck! I need some too!