Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Growing Up

I grew up Catholic. I'm still Catholic. I think I fit the profile of the proverbial "Guilty Catholic." I also think I'm okay with that.

Reminiscing is a good thing. The idea for this blog came to me last night as I was drifting off to sleep. (Bedtime is usually when I have my best ideas!) From out of nowhere, I suddenly remembered a single sheet of paper my older sister (Sister #1 of The Four Crazy Sisters--check us out at www.fourcrazysisters.blogspot.com) had brought home (from the same Catholic school, by the way), and it was a mimeographed picture of a Vampire with a short story on it. Wait a minute...Vampires? What kind of stuff were they teaching us?? HA! Anyway, I remember that the mimeograph ink was purple. We're not that old, but apparently this was before the day of black and white copiers in schools.

So, the thought of that blurred purple picture is what inspired me to do this. What fun to think about those early days of my education, the teachers I had, the friends I made who I haven't seen in over 15 years. Ah. Memories.

I loved my school in Chicago. The worst part came when my family moved 40 miles outside of the city and I had to be enrolled in a public school. Who knew I would miss those blue plaid uniforms and white, rounded-collar blouses? And white knee socks? And no makeup?

Life was simpler back then. I look forward to remembering those simpler times and sharing them.

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