Monday, October 23, 2006

Fifth Grade Folly

I think everyone probably has a “stupid moment” that will always be remembered. I think I have many (many, MANY) stupid moments that I remember. Like this one:

I was in fifth grade at my little Catholic grade school and back in those days, we didn’t have cafeterias or anything, so we ate lunch in our classrooms. (Side note: Does anyone wonder how all of us kids managed to get through school without dying of food poisoning??? We all kept our lunches, which often consisted of lunchmeat sandwiches, in our paper bags, in the cloak room, without refrigeration…or even air conditioning!)

Anyway, I remember one day, my friend Heather and I were eating lunch. She had turned her desk to face mine and we were eating and chatting away when Raymond, my fifth grade boyfriend (I already had been dumped by Jason at this point) was trying to get my attention. In classic fifth-grade-girl manner, I completely ignored his attempts. However, I could hear a steady thump-thump-thump coming from behind me. I didn’t want to look over my shoulder, so I asked Heather, who was busy chugging her chocolate milk, to see what he was doing.

She glanced past me, and faster than I could blink, I was covered with a spray of chocolate milk. In my hair, on my face, dripping down my neck, all over my uniform. I remember that my round-collar white blouse had little chocolate milk speckles all over it. What had caused Heather to spray milk from her mouth?

Raymond was humping his desk.

Yes, we were attending Catholic school, we were fifth-graders, and Raymond was humping his desk.

Heather was laughing so hard she was crying, but she kept trying to apologize for spitting her milk out all over me. I was mad, but I ended up laughing, too.

I guess Raymond got my attention after all.

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